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Best of Mascara

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 13.36.11

Twiggy style lashes

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Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 13.37.32

Individual falsies

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The mascara Fan Brush


Different brushes give different effects


I often get asked what the best mascara is out there. Honestly there are so many good ones out there I think there is one that fits any bill. The great thing is that you use mascara so often it means you have to rebuy a lot, which makes for lots of testing… Another trip to the beauty store – YAY! A good mascara is the combination of an excellent formula (ie not too wet or dry and highly pigmented with carbon black) and an excellent brush. Eyeko do a little set called the Macara Wardrobe  which is one formula with three brushes. Clever.

At the AW13 shows make up artists were using mascara fan brushes on which they deposited mascara formula and brushed this through the lashes creating natural looking slightly thickened lashes, without the usual va va voom fake lash effect. I’m personally going to ignore this ‘no mascara look’ that a lot of designers are featuring at the moment – I simply adore mascara, it makes me feel better. Falsies are also an excellent option too, especially individual ones which you can deposit on the outer corners only, just to give teeny bit of cats eye effect.

So here goes:

1 – Topshop Carbon Copy Mascara & Dior Show Mascara – great for lengthening

2 – Maybelline Rocket Mascara & L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes – for FAT lashes

3- Chanel Inimitable Waterproof – best waterproof I have found and it really separates each lash too.

Cotton Wool Deluxe

I’m one of those people who has a special vintage jar for her cotton wool and who loves to experiment with different brands. Whenever I am travelling I will pick up a new brand just because of the packaging (Muji!) or shape. I especially love square cotton wool and have been loving this brand I bought in Asia, Suzuran Lily Bell. Did you know even Chanel do cotton wool? Need it right?! Another great brand is Shiseido. Their cotton wool is square and of very high quality. I actually bought tons of cotton wool when I was a beauty buyer and interestingly enough a fair amount of it is made in Israel. The price moves with the cotton market and beauty brands negotiate long period contracts to fix the price. To bump up the volume they usually promote cotton wool on promotions (Boots!). If you want a cheaper version just go the baby isle as this is the exact same product, just in different packaging.

The eye are is really delicate and the rougher you are with it the more this will come to light later in life. So be delicate, gentle and use lovey cotton wool and really good cleansers (best one on the market is Bioderma Micellair Water – this is what all the make up artists use, now finally for sale in the UK at and for the rest of the world you can get it at Sephora).

Chanel – Les Exclusives

les exclusives de chanel

Les Exclusives de Chanel

flowercartI cannot wait to get my hands on these little beauties – Les Exclusives Collection by Chanel. How divine – imagine a whole row of them on your bathroom shelf? The one I would most like to try is Beige – it just sounds divine.  Named after one of the favourite colours of Coco Chanel Beige is inspired by a fruity, sensual fragrance. See below the super sweet Chanel Flower cart that is currently positioned in front of their pop up shop in Covent Garden, Chanel Beige nail polish and Chanel Beige fragrance.

Sprinkle sprinkle glitters!


chanel glitter

Chanel AW13

Friday night Glitter night! Chanel was on a glitter high for AW13 and showed thick encrusted eyelids. A great way to make you feel like you are going to pardeeeee is to pile on the glitter me thinks! H.o.w.e.v.e.r. this can become a xmas effect – instead stick to just the eyes and go for a nude lip. Go for dark muted colours like black, navy, gunmetal, silver  and gold.  Nars did a stunning mixed glitter job at Thakoon, I absolutely adore it. Easy to do yourself too.

Mix up 2 glitter colours you like before hand in a little bowl. Prime the eyelids with a good primer (Urban Decay), then layer it with cream eyeshadow (Maybelline colour tattoo). Finally apply your mixed glitter with a brush gently onto the eye shadow. Let the night begin!

SMOKEY EYE TOPSHOP - Google Search Image

Dark muted glitter

nars aw13 - Google Search Image

Thakoon AW13 x Nars

blue glitter - vogue

navy glitter eyes @ Vogue

glitter eye7

grey glitter with blue bottom liner

glitter eyes 0

gold glitter – gradient lightly under eye

glitter eyes

light sprinkle of holographic and petal pink glitters

glitter eyes1

my favourite look – black glitter




glitter nights

Tuesday Video Day – Animation Videos

quentin jones

Quentin Jones – twitter pic

I’m adoring all these beauty and fashion animation videos, so clever, beautiful and witty.

It all started with Another magazine who  commissioned Quentin Jones in 2010 to feature the coveted  Chanel Particulière nail polish. Peter Philips, the creative director at Chanel, is also a graphic designer and he followed this up with an amazing video featuring Chanel make up as robots in 2011. This video was a huge hit. Quentin Jones has just been been featured in LOVE magazine and Hogan recently did a little ‘a day in the life’ of video of Quentin. Other brands she has worked with are Victoria Beckham and Kenzo.

Sadie and  Joe Williams are animation masters who have worked with Marc Jacobs and Hillier. They recently did an animation for Topshop featuring SS13 nails.

Click on below videos for some big smile action:

love mag

LOVE magazine march 2013