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Blush it up

Watching the excellent Diana Vreeland documentary the other day I noticed her passion for blusher. Diana used it across her cheekbones onto her ears. This was inspired by Japanese Geisha ladies. In Tokyo last year I saw lots of girls do blush in innovative ways. They put is right under their yes to get an even more ‘doll like’ appearance. My favourite blush is the Topshop Head over heels cream blush – but I am biased towards this as I used to work there. I have converted many of my friends, as the formula is a perfect cream to powder. I once found these amazing vintage blushes from a shop in Ashbury Heights in San Francisco which looked a bit like the Besame blushes, so beautiful in their old round gold compacts with mirrors and a flower design. The bit of blush left in was vivid red. I wondered if this had discoloured over time but more likely than not the they loved a bit of red blush aka ‘Rouge’ ┬ájust like Diana Vreeland did in the old days!

A modern take on blush is two tone blush, using an soft pink and peach or a highlight colour and coral. Good products for this look are the Topshop Sculpting Palette or the Benefit Fine on one Blush Stick or Nars multiple sticks.