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Bat for ‘Dolly Wink’ lashes

dolly wink gif

Dolly Wink

Loving these little Dolly Wink false lashes as they are so spaced out to give a more natural look.  The japanese know how to do it as some japanese girls wear them every day to make their nose look smaller and their eyes look bigger. Gyaru make up is a Japanese trend which is all about the ‘doll like’ look, think of falsies, bleached hair and lots of nail art. Dolly Wink also do Bottom Falsies – Nice! The gyaru style is to stick the bottom lashes slightly lower than where your eyes naturally end, creating a doll-like, doe-eyed effect. Coloured contact lenses are also a big thing in Asia. They were the same price as my normal contact lenses so I thought I would try some pairs out. But as I have green caucasian eyes myself they made hardly any impact – haha. Think I will stick to the Dolly Wink lashes..!

dolly wink real nude

Dolly Wink real nude lashes

dolly wink

Dolly Wink lashes


Gyaru eyes


French smokey eyes – Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury is one of my favourite make up artists. She not only creates amazing looks on for shoots and shows, she also has great style herself. Foxy, funny, feral are words that come to mind whenever I see a piece about her. She has partnered up with net-a-porter to do little cool make up tutorials. The one below is on french smokey eyes to complement their Edit magazine this week which is all about cool Parisian style. It’s easy to watch with great tips like to how to choose your foundation and how brows make a huge difference. Watching it makes you want to go out, put on those heels and jeans with smokey eyes and all. Now where is that  great for people watching cafe with the gorgeously grumpy french waiter? Un verre de vin blanc, s’il vous plait!

Eye Gloss

ann demeulemeester aw13

ann demeulemeester aw13

intothegloss nars

image from intothegloss x nars

nars itnothegloss

image from intothegloss x nars

Make up artists often use vaseline or MAC lipglass over the eyes to give more definition and depth. It works a treat if you dab on a teeny bit onto your eyes before you go out – you feel like you have done massive make up with zero effort. Eyecreams are usually metallic and not glossy – as in glass see through. MAC are now launching eye glosses next season – so excited! I know from experience it is hard to develop a product which has staying power on the skin, yet has gloss appeal. Can’t wait to try these when they come out later this year.

& other stories make up

LOVING the packaging for the new make up line by & other stories – so freshhhhh!

now available at Collette online and at their store in Paris


& other stories


& other stories

Kohl – glorious kohl

Bait al Zubair

Kohl as seen @ Bait al Zubair Museum Muscat, Oman

KOHL – كوهلدوست
I love LOVE LOVE LOVE KOHL as it gives that dark smokey look, who knew it has been around for centuries?

On a recent visit to the Bait Al Zubair museum  in Muscat, Oman I was delighted with the history of kohl. Kohl has been used for centuries in Arabia to protect eyes from the harmful rays of sunlight. The kohl powder is applied with a little stick around the edges of the eyes on babies, women and men to protect them from the harsh sunlight in the desert. Lots of versions were being sold in the souk. For AW13 Kohl Eyes were featured at Donna Karan, Mark Fast and Versace. Online Guerlain and Topshop do excellent versions.

Versace AW13

Versace AW13

Mark Fast AW13

Mark Fast AW13

Donna Karen AW13

Donna Karen AW13

Who, What, Why - Peter Philips on Chanel's Paris-Bombay Beauty | AnOther Image

Remember Chanel AW11? love these eyes!


Guerlain Terracotta Loose Powder

Lara Stone’s Self Service magazine - aw12

Self Service magazine – AW12 – a smokey eyed Lara Stone

topshop kohldust ash

Topshop Kohldust – Ash

beauty Image

Frankie Morello AW12