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  1. Michael Herrick

    Hi Louisa,

    While searching google for the Topshop beauty buyer I came across your name. I see that you are now the beauty buyer at Marks & Spencer.

    I am contacting you with the hope of supplying Marks & Spencer with cosmetic brushes. The company I work for is an American one, called Royal Brush Mfg Inc. We are probably the world’s largest manufacturer of cosmetic and artist brushes, and can because of this, offer you great prices. We have various natural hair and synthetic filaments, even a synthetic filament that picks up powder better than natural hair.

    I would love to send you samples so you can see for yourself.

    Thank you for your time in reading this.

    Kind regards,

    Michael Herrick
    National Sales Manager
    Royal Brush Mfg (UK) Ltd
    email michael.herrick@royalbrush.com
    Mobile 07753 830770

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