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Beauty comes from the inside out. What you eat is what you are. I therefore try to avoid processed food which is not always possible of course.. Luckily I’m addicted to fruit and veg.  I love avocados, nuts, seeds, spinach, coconut juice and bananas all of which have packed goodness in them, especially for skin. There are a couple of other ingredients which can make a real difference, according to a recent article in the Edit Magazine by Net-a-porter about LA wellbeing. LA has reinvented healthy living with a juice bar and yoga school on every street corner. They have a point though as even if you only incorporate a couple of these items in your daily diet you will over time notice the difference in your complexion, nails and hair . I have tried lots of recipes from the website GOOP (aka Gwyneth Paltrow) – they are all super healthy and tasty, highly recommend them. Check the ‘magic’ ingredients out below:

KaleThe green of all greens – add to salads, stir-fries and soups – Spinach is also rich in anti oxidants.

Bee pollenAnother top antioxidant that has the additional benefit of helping to relieve allergy symptoms – Manuka honey has many healing and preventative properties

Acai berriesThis superfruit is packed with antioxidants – try Goji berries too.

Lucuma: A natural sweetener you can use in place of sugar. Honey works a trick too in teas/cakes etc.

Maca powderA Peruvian root that is the new guarana – a potent energy source. Ginger is full of goodness – you can chop it up with honey and drink it as tea or use it in salads/curries etc. All root vegetables are good – try sweet potato.

Chia seedsHigh in Omega 3 and numerous minerals, add to anything, from porridge to dessert. All nuts (uncoated/unsugared/unsalted) contain good fats. Healthy snacking!

Flax seedsFantastic for digestion, mix whole flax seeds into smoothies, porridge and granola.

Greens powderOther than real greens, this is one of the most important things you can add to your diet – mix the powder into your daily smoothie.

Coconut oilInstead of reaching for butter, try using this – it’s a far healthier fat. Make sure it is unrefined.

Green teacontains the anti oxidant EGCG. All of the EGCG comes from green tea grown in fields on the Korean island of Jeju, which has the optimal climate for the most potent tea leaves.

GinsengUsed in traditional Eastern medicine, ginseng has many health and beauty benefits and is only found naturally in a few places in the world. In skin care, this herbal root has rejuvenating effects and can help restore the skin’s moisture balance, fighting signs of aging and hyper pigmentation. (by the way ginger is a different plant than any of the types of ginseng root)

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