Bat for ‘Dolly Wink’ lashes

dolly wink gif

Dolly Wink

Loving these little Dolly Wink false lashes as they are so spaced out to give a more natural look.  The japanese know how to do it as some japanese girls wear them every day to make their nose look smaller and their eyes look bigger. Gyaru make up is a Japanese trend which is all about the ‘doll like’ look, think of falsies, bleached hair and lots of nail art. Dolly Wink also do Bottom Falsies – Nice! The gyaru style is to stick the bottom lashes slightly lower than where your eyes naturally end, creating a doll-like, doe-eyed effect. Coloured contact lenses are also a big thing in Asia. They were the same price as my normal contact lenses so I thought I would try some pairs out. But as I have green caucasian eyes myself they made hardly any impact – haha. Think I will stick to the Dolly Wink lashes..!

dolly wink real nude

Dolly Wink real nude lashes

dolly wink

Dolly Wink lashes


Gyaru eyes



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