Cotton Wool Deluxe

I’m one of those people who has a special vintage jar for her cotton wool and who loves to experiment with different brands. Whenever I am travelling I will pick up a new brand just because of the packaging (Muji!) or shape. I especially love square cotton wool and have been loving this brand I bought in Asia, Suzuran Lily Bell. Did you know even Chanel do cotton wool? Need it right?! Another great brand is Shiseido. Their cotton wool is square and of very high quality. I actually bought tons of cotton wool when I was a beauty buyer and interestingly enough a fair amount of it is made in Israel. The price moves with the cotton market and beauty brands negotiate long period contracts to fix the price. To bump up the volume they usually promote cotton wool on promotions (Boots!). If you want a cheaper version just go the baby isle as this is the exact same product, just in different packaging.

The eye are is really delicate and the rougher you are with it the more this will come to light later in life. So be delicate, gentle and use lovey cotton wool and really good cleansers (best one on the market is Bioderma Micellair Water – this is what all the make up artists use, now finally for sale in the UK at and for the rest of the world you can get it at Sephora).

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